Retirement news from Teacher Emily

Magnuson Nature News – Special Edition

Retirement news from Teacher Emily

The “tiny seed” of Magnuson Nature Programs began with just two weeks of summer preschool camp in July 2005.  Since then – thanks to you all-  it has grown and blossomed into a “tall tree” with its branches full of summer and school break camps, nature walks and classes, school field trips, special events, and more!

These past 12+ years have been an honor, a life-changing experience, and a whole lot of fun for me.  I love my work, and the people I work with, and the place I work! This is a gift I will always treasure.  Seeing the natural areas and gardens of Magnuson Park “grow up” – along with so many wonderful children- has been  absolutely priceless!

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to guide thousands of people (young and young-at-heart) into a deeper understanding and connection with the natural world, yet I also feel ready to step into a new chapter in my life… that of working much less and playing much more…

So I have made the decision to retire from Magnuson Nature Programs, effective on October 7th of this year.  However… I’m not disappearing from the park!  I will continue my 15-year involvement as a volunteer member of the Magnuson Children’s Garden Committee (which is a separate non-profit entity) … and we have already started planning new, family-friendly, fun special events for 2018 that will keep the Children’s Garden vibrant, and full of happy times throughout the year!

If you’d like to learn more about the Children’s Garden Committee and/or take part in creating new ideas and plans, I’d love to hear from you!  Just drop me a line at


What’s Next for Magnuson Nature Programs?

Magnuson Community Center plans to continue the legacy of Magnuson Nature Programs as follows:

After my last workday at the Scarecrow Fest on Oct. 7th, Magnuson Nature Programs will take a hiatus, then kick off again in spring with new staff.  Their plan is to start up Magnuson Nature Programs on a smaller scale and grow gradually as time goes on… which I am totally in favor of, as it’s the way of all living things!


Hope you’ll “stop by and say Hi” at the Scarecrow Fest!

I have treasured each and every day of teaching over the past year of summer camps, nature walks, and fall field trips… the annual “Scarecrow Fest” on Saturday October 7th from 11am-2pm will be my Magnuson Nature Programs grand finale!   I am happily growing a field of tiny pumpkins in my personal p-patch plot along with other “nature prizes” as special gifts for that day, and I will be hosting a “Nature Kids Photo Booth” in the Children’s Garden for all who want to stop by for a personal photo with me!

Last but not least, I have also been compiling a Memory Book of special Magnuson Nature Programs moments over the years, and I would love to hear from any kids and/or adults who would like to contribute any of your favorite memories to my book! 

Please email me at with any stories or sentiments you’d like to share.  Thanks a million!

Love and Peace,


Thanks again for your support!