Importance of conserving wildlife

It is important to conserve forest and wildlife. Trees play an important role in balancing the nature. Adequate trees simply mean adequate rain. They also hold the soil and prevent chances of earthquake and soil erosion.

Trees and forests are also natural habitat of animals and wildlife. If trees are cut strategically and forests will decline and habitat of animals of that particular area would suffer. They will not find suitable place to live in and table struggle for their existence. This, in a long run, can be fatal for their survival of their species. Therefore it is necessary to prevent deforestation.  

Strict action should be taken against illegal deforestation activities that are primarily due to commercial reasons. It is very hard to check each and every half of the wildlife and forest area for deforestation because of its massive scope. Therefore it is necessary that a collective and voluntary effort is made for keeping a constant check on illegal cutting of trees.

Another important aspect that is dangerous for the wildlife and forest life is the fire that is caused due to either negligence or due to intentional or malicious elements. Jungle fire when unchecked at the initial stage, is capable of killing hundreds and thousands plants, animals. Unchecked fire can spread massively and  can  destroy a very big area of a forest.

 Apart from it, hunting is another important reason that is responsible for endangerment of different species of animals. People are simply fond of hunting the endangered and the rare species of animals and this should be prohibited.

As all these efforts would require a collective and voluntary effort from each and everyone, it is necessary that people who are responsible and lovers of nature and wildlife should come together and start contributing in saving our wildlife nature and mother earth.

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