NEW Radio Show!

Magnuson Nature News radio show on SPACE 101.1 is on the air!

SPACE 101.1, the new, low-power, FM community radio station headquartered at Magnuson Park, is now on the air, and so is the Magnuson Nature News show!

Each show has its own nature or garden theme, and this month’s show is all about Pacific Chorus Frogs!

Tune in at 10:00am on Sundays, Tuesday, and Thursdays, and you’ll hear:
• Fascinating facts about these small but powerful native frogs, and where to go on a walk to look and listen for them in the park;

• True Magnuson Nature Stories about frog adventures that have actually happened in the park;

• An interview with veteran nature camper Jonah Kessler-Cohen about one of his favorite frog experiences in the park;

• Where to find more info on these amazing frogs, and news about the Children’s Garden!